Hortus Exoticus, Beiträge zur Freilandkultur winterharter Exoten

Hortus Exoticus, Heft 2009/10
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Sabal etonia Swingle ex Nash, M. Lorek
Abstract: Sabal etonia Swingle ex Nash may be one of the few suitable Sabal species for growing in Central European gardens. According to its origin, S. etonia withstands some frosts but requires high amounts of warmth for a sufficient acclimatisation and growth. Botanical characteristics and cultural requirements are given, as well as some comments on species status of S. miamiensis Zona. - With 13 figures.
Keywords: cultural requirements - frost hardiness - Sabal etonia - Sabal miamiensis

Panaschierte Yuccas für den mitteleuropäischen Garten, Teil II, A. Heim, T. Boeuf & S. Weissbeck
Abstract: Together with information on morphological characters, this article provides a list of variegated Yuccas suitable for Central European gardens. - In two parts, with 45 figures and 1 table.
Keywords: variegated Yucca - Yucca aloifolia - Yucca filamentosa - Yucca flaccida - Yucca gloriosa - Yucca recurvifolia

Gartentaugliche Pflanzen aus Neuseeland, B. Demes

Abstract: This article provides a comprehensive list of New Zealand trees and shrubs suitable for Central European gardens or considered to be tested for their possible hardiness. - With 11 figures and 2 tables.
Keywords: New Zealand trees shrubs - Central European climate

Exotisches Obst in der Gattung Crataegus L. (Weißdorn), H. E. Weber
Abstract: Some hardy Crataegus species (hawthorns) are recommended as uncommon fruits for exotic gardens in Central Europe, viz. the Chinese Crataegus pinnatifida var. major, the Mediterranean C. ararolus and C. schraderiana, and the Central American C. mexicana f. stipularis that surprisingly also proved to be fully hardy in NW Germany (Zone 7b). - With 9 figures.
Keywords: Crataegus - exotic gardens - Germany - hardiness - uncommon fruits

Portulaca oleracea L., Salatpflanze, Unkraut oder winterharter Exot? I. Richter
Abstract: Though the annual succulent Portulaca oleracea L. is used as a salad plant and also regarded as a weed, it may provide an ornamental display in gardens if the plantings are controlled. - With 3 figures.
Keywords: Portulaca oleracea - hardiness - ornamental plant - weed

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