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Hortus Exoticus, Heft 2010/11
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Winterharte Gehölze in Zone 7b (unteres Lahntal) nach den Extremfrösten im Januar 2009, B. Demes
Abstract: This article provides a comprehensive list of exotic trees and shrubs suitable for Central European climate or considered to be tested for their possible hardiness. In this regard, the severe winter 2008/09 yielded more information about the limits of their hardiness. - With 9 figures and 2 tables.
Keywords: Central European climate - hardy winter 2008/09 - hardy trees and shrubs

Yucca baccata Torr. für den mitteleuropäischen Garten, M. Lorek
Abstract: According to its origin, Yucca baccata Torr. is one of the hardiest Yucca species and may be suitable for cultivation in almost all Central European hardiness zones. Botanical characteristics, cultural requirements and the hardiest strains for growing in gardens are discussed. - With 7 figures.
Keywords: culture - hardiness - Yucca baccata

Araucaria araucana (Molina) C. Koch am Extremstandort bei Haidmühle im Bayerischen Wald, M. Stöbich
Abstract: A specimen of Araucaria araucana (Molina) C. Koch survived since 1980 at an extremely cold site in the Bavarian Forest, equivalent to USDA hardiness zone 5a . The hardiness can be considered higher than zone 8a. - With 11 figures.
Keywords: Araucaria araucana - Bavarian Forest - hardiness zone5a - cold air pocket

Pflanzenporträt Asphodeline lutea Rchb., I. Richter
Abstract: The mediterranean Asphodeline lutea Rchb. is hardy in Zone 7 and suggested for an ornamental plant for the succulent or exotic garden. - With 2 figures.
Keywords: Asphodeline lutea - hardiness - ornamental plant

Winterharter Phyllocladus trichomanoides var. alpinus (Hook. f.) Parl. (Mountain Toatoa)? B. Demes
Abstract: Most Phyllocladus species are not suitable for Central European gardens. Regarding the hard frosts in winter 2008/09, Phyllocladus trichomanoides var. alpinus (Hook. f.) Parl. may be the only species that could possibly be hardy enough for cultivating outdoors. - With 8 figures.
Keywords: Central European climate - frost hardiness - Phyllocladus trichomanoides var. alpinus

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