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Hortus Exoticus, Heft 13, 2012
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A strange palm of the genus Trithrinax Mart. in the collection of Arecaceae at the Florence Botanical Garden., S. Quercellini, P. Luzzi & G. Gasparrini
Abstract: All known species of the genus Trithrinax have in common two features: aerial trunk and long spines on it. In the Florence Botanical Garden is an old Trithrinax specimen, grown in a pot, that shows a subterranean trunk with lacking spines. A similar specimen is growing in the Buenos Aires Botanical Garden. After some considerations about the genus Trithrinax and its species, the specimen growing in Florence is described in detail. - With 9 figures.
Keywords: Corypheae - South American palms - taxonomy - Trithrinax
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Winterharte Exoten im Botanischen Garten Straßburg, M. Lorek
Abstract: The Botanical Garden Strasbourg is not only a beautiful ancient garden, but the home of many exotic plants suitable for cultivation in Central European gardens, too. Some of these plants are presented here and suggested for exotic display in private gardens. - With 11 figures.
Keywords: Botanical Garden Strasbourg - Genista aetnensis - Trachycarpus fortunei - Trachycarpus wagnerianus - Umbellularia californica - Xylosma congesta
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Sabal minor ‘Blountstown Dwarf’, S. Quercellini
Abstract. The genus Sabal Adan. comprises 15 species among which Sabal minor (Jacq.) Pers. shows a great number of cultivars. After some considerations of this genus, S. minor ‘Blountstown Dwarf‘ is treated in detail with reference to the remarkable differences from the typical S. minor. - With 9 figures.
Keywords: Corypheae - Northern Florida - Sabal minor - taxonomy
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Behavior patterns of some palm species belonging to the genus Trachycarpus Wendl., S. Quercellini
Abstract: After a list of the species belonging to the genus Trachycarpus Wendl., the behaviors of some species are described over all with reference to the flower biology and to the fruits. - With 10 figures.
Keywords: Corypheae - palm behavior - Trachycarpus
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