Hortus Exoticus, Beiträge zur Freilandkultur winterharter Exoten

Hortus Exoticus, Heft 2, 2006
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Immergrüne Eichen für den Garten, Teil II, B. Demes
Abstract: Evergreen oaks are suitable for Central European gardens. A number of 40 species and hybrids is described for growing outdoors. Locality requirements, ornamental characters and hardiness-zones for each species reveal the most important hints for successful cultivation. - In two parts, with 38 figures and 1 table.
Keywords: Evergreen oaks -  Quercus - cultivation
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Pflanzenporträt: Grevillea rosmarinifolia, M. Lorek
Abstract: Grevillea rosmarinifolia is suitable for cultivation in Central European zone 8. Plant description with cultural requirements and some hints for planting outdoors. - With 3 figures.
Keywords: Grevillea rosmarinifolia - hardiness - cultivation - Central European Climate
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Aktueller Bestand der Arecaceae im Garten der Villa Beccari (Florenz, Italien), M. Lorek
Abstract: Inventory of Arecaceae in the garden of Odoardo Beccari's Villa in Florence, Italy. The specimen of Trachycarpus takil, the type material was taken from, is still existing and this species is freely propageting in the garden. Nannorrhops ritchiana, Chamaerops humilis, Jubaea chilensis and “Trachycarpus caespitosus“ from Odoardo Beccari's own plantings are still alive. - With 19 figures and 2 drawings.
Keywords: Villa Beccari - Arecaceae - palms - inventory - Trachycarpus takil - Trachycarpus fortunei - Trachycarpus caespitosus - Nannorrhops ritchiana - Jubaea chilensis - Chamaerops humilis
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Mit Zierkirschen fing alles an, G. Sieber & K.-P. Sieber
Abstract: Description of a private garden with a large collection of exotic plants, located in Central European zone 8 between Frankfurt am Main and Wiesbaden. - With 7 figures.
Keywords: exotic garden - Frankfurt am Main - Wiesbaden
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Die botanischen Gärten in Budapest, Ungarn, T. Amersberger
Abstract: A general account of exotic plants in botanical gardens of Budapest, Hungary, is given. These gardens are located in Central European zone 7b in a continental climate with cold winters and dry and hot summers which is suitable for a wide range of exotic plants adapted to a temporarily arid environment. - With 15 figures and 1 table.
Keywords: Botancial gardens Budapest - exotic plants - continental climate
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Frostharte Sukkulenten im Garten: Orostachys und Lewisia, I. Richter
Abstract: Not only Opuntia are hardy in Central European climate but a lot of other succulents too. Orostachys spinosa, O. iwarenge and Lewisia cotyledon are described as suitable for cultivation outdoors. - With 3 figures.
Keywords: Orostachys spinosa - Orostachys iwarenge - Lewisia cotyledon - Central European climate
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Winterhärtezonen in Mitteleuropa, M. Lorek
Abstract: The climate zone-map for Germany and Europe by Heinze and Schreiber (1984) is still valid and suggested for use in papers about hardy exotic plants. - With 1 figure.
Keywords: climate zones Germany - plant hardiness zone map - exotic plants
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