Hortus Exoticus, Beiträge zur Freilandkultur winterharter Exoten

Hortus Exoticus, Heft 2007/5
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Lauraceen, W. Larcher
Abstract: Two genera of the mainly tropical-subtropical family Lauraceae are presented here: the laurel (Laurus) and the camphor tree (Cinnamomum). For Laurus, characteristics, growing habits and the areas of distribution are described. Additionally, the freezing risk for unhardened species within these two genera are given. - With 9 figures.
Keywords: Cinnamomum - frost damages - Laurus - phenology - USDA zone 8b

Xerophytenpflanzungen im Botanischen Garten Madrid, T. Amersberger
Abstract: The plantations in Real Jardin Botanico, Madrid, encompass exotic plants that may also be suitable for Central European gardens, too. A general account on some species is given including some hints about possible USDA-zones. - With 6 figures and 2 tables.
Keywords: Aloe saponaria - bottle-brushes - Colletia cruciata - Madrid - Real Jardin Botanico - xerophytes

Nannorrhops ritchiana in Oman und den Vereinigten Arabischen Emiraten, M. Lorek
Abstract: According to studies of sites, literature and correspondence, Nannorrhops ritchiana should be regarded as a non-threatened member of Arecaceae on the Arabian Peninsular, the population in the United Arab Emirates has to be regarded as endangered and the population in northern Oman as vulnerable. Habitat description and an assessment of specimen are given. - With 6 figures and 1 table.
Keywords: Nannorrhops ritchiana - Oman - threatened status - United Arab Emirates

Colletien, die wenig bekannten stacheligen Exoten Südamerikas, B. Demes
Abstract: The genus Colletia provides some very architectural exotic species that are suitable for cultivation in USDA zone 7b. - With 8 figures.
Keywords: Colletia armata - Colletia paradoxa - hardiness - Central Europe

Pflanzenporträt Agave polianthiflora Gentryi, I. Richter
Abstract: Agave polianthiflora ranks among the most alluring flowering species of all Agaves. It is rarely cultivated and described here with its botanical features and cultural requirements. Perhaps, A. polianthiflora will be hardy enough for Central European gardens, at least in very favourable sites in winter mild areas. - With 4 figures.
Keywords: Agave polianthiflora - cultivation

Arco – Eine Stadt am Gardasee mit bemerkenswerter mediterraner Flora, M. Lorek
Abstract: The little town Arco in northern Italy is one of the most northerly areas with Mediterranean floral elements. Not only this, but some 130 years of experimentation with exotic plants and a wide range of architectural plantings make Arco a favourable spot for testing the limits of survival of exotic plants. The arboretum and some other localities in Arco hold a long history of botanical experiments, still visible nowadays. - With 17 figures and 1 table.
Keywords: Arboretum Arco - exotic plants - Jubaea chilensis - Persea americana - Sequoia sempervirens - Trachycarpus fortunei

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