Hortus Exoticus, Beiträge zur Freilandkultur winterharter Exoten

Hortus Exoticus, Heft 2007/6
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Der Botanische Garten Meran, B. Demes
Abstract: The botanical garden Meran, Italy, provides a lot of interesting exotic plants that may be suitable for Central European gardens. - With 8 figures.
Keyword: botanical garden Meran

Mallorquinische Pflanzen im mitteleuropäischen Garten, M. Lorek
Abstract: Not only mountane species of Mallorquian plants are suitable for Central European gardens, but some handsome and very ornamental Mediterranean species from lower elevations, too. Some dozen species are discussed and their possible or known hardiness is given. - With 30 pictures.
Keywords: Central European Climate – hardiness - Mallorca - Oleo-Ceratonion - Quercion ilicis - Rosmarino-Ericion

Gartenwürdige Koniferen der Südhemisphäre, B. Demes
Abstract: Despite few exceptions, conifers of the southern hemisphere usually are not suitable for Central European gardens. However, some uncommon species are grown successfully in private gardens and experimental plantings for some years. These species hold the chance of being hardy enough. They are discussed regarding their cultural requirements and hardiness. - With 23 figures.
Keywords: Central European climate - conifers - hardiness - southern hemisphere

Exoten und Wildpflanzen in der Region des Neusiedler Sees, T. Amersberger
Abstract: Lake Neusiedl between Austria and Hungary holds an unique combination of endemic plants, neophytes and cultivated exotic plants. Due to the continental climate, many exotic plants are grown in private gardens and some of them became naturalised. - With 8 figures and 1 table.
Keywords: exotic plants - Lake Neusiedl - neophytes

Pflanzenporträt Agave utahensis, I. Richter
Abstract: Agave utahensis and its subspecies are suitable for cultivation in Central European climate. - With 6 figures
Keywords: Agave utahensis - Central European climate - hardiness

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