Hortus Exoticus, Beiträge zur Freilandkultur winterharter Exoten

Hortus Exoticus, Heft 2008/8
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Erfahrungen mit gartentauglichen Protea-Gewächsen, B. Demes
Abstract: Proteaceae are said to be not hardy enough for Central European climate, commonly. However, some species are successfully grown here for many years in private gardens. - With 13 figures and 1 table.
Keywords: Embothrium coccineum - Grevillea rosmarinifolia - Lomatia fraseri - Lomatia hirsuta - Proteaceae - Telopea truncata

Pinus wallichiana A. B. Jacks. für den mitteleuropäischen Garten, I. Richter
Abstract: Not only indigenous species of genus Pinus are suitable for Central European gardens, but, some other Pinus species, too. One of these, Pinus wallichiana A. B. Jacks., is suggested for use in exotic gardens. - With 4 figures.
Keywords: Central European gardens - Pinus wallichiana

Jubaea chilensis (Molina) Baill. in Mitteleuropa, A. F. Eckloff & M. Lorek
Abstract: Jubaea chilensis (Molina) Baill. is one of the hardiest pinnate palms. Some specimens are grown for many years in mildest parts of Central Europe. Recently, the first specimen was planted outside of a botanical garden in a public area in Leverkusen-Rheindorf. - With 13 figures and 1 map.
Keywords: Central European climate - hardiness - Jubaea chilensis

Fitzroya cupressoides I. M. Johnst. - ein selten gewordener Baum im Süden Südamerikas, H. Nimsch
Abstract: Fitzroya cupressoides I. M. Johnst., a conifer from South America is treated with information on natural habitat, morphology, ecology, endangering, suitability for Central European gardens, propagation and cultural requirements. - With 7 figures.
Keywords: Arboretum Freiburg-Guenterstal - Fitzroya cupressoides - suitability for Central-European gardens

Der Botanische Garten ‘Parque El Majuelo’ in Almuñecar, Spanien, T. Amersberger
Abstract: The botanical garden Parque El Majuelo in Almuñecar, Spain, has an old collection of impressive palms. With a few exceptions, the majority of them is not hardy enough for Central European climate. Though, the old and large specimens are always worth a visit. - With 8 figures.
Keywords: Arecaceae - Parque El Majuelo, Spain

Kurzmitteilung: Ein bemerkenswertes Vorkommen der Agave americana L. in Mittelitalien, G. Schultschik
Abstract: Agave americana L. is usually not hardy in Central Europe and it is said to be very tender to humid and cool conditions. In this regard, a finding of a naturalized small population in one of the most humid areas in Central Italy is worth to be mentioned here. - With 3 figures.
Keywords: Agave americana - humid conditions - hardiness

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